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The Piemonte region is home for some of the best rivers for trout fishing in Northern Italy.


The river Sesia is real jevel that run in a suggestive valley. The Sesia river hold a nice population of trout, both brown and raimbow, and some grayling: This river and its tributary are also home of the Marbled trout, an endemic species that can reach more that 10kg. There are several strech to fish, one of the most easy to axcess is in the vicinity of Varallo Sesia and is about 8 km long. This strech is suitable for all kind of fly fishing: from dry fly to streamer. The river has several pool ald lots of run easy to fish. Best period is just before the snow melting and in the summer, otherwise the water is hight and milky and fishable only with big streamer. Other nice strech to fish is in upper part and little bit rockies. There, there are hundreds of nice run and big pool where a really wild and big fish can be hooked. Axcess not that ease as the lower part and fishing require a litle bit of experince, but believe us fishng is simply great.


The Mastallone river is a tributary of the bigger Sesia.  Fishing is done in one of the best place in Northern Italy. About 5 km of cristal clear water full of trout where fisherman can really enjoy dry fly and nimph fishin with light tackles. Raimbow, Marbled and Brown trout are very good in size and range from 40 to 60 centimeter, but  some fish can reach several chilogram.


Those are ours secret place, not easy to fish but really wild. You will love those small river that runs in gorgeous landscape in the upper part of the valley. They are super  for dry fly fishing in the summer.

Accommodation are choosen depending on the fishing strech and they are selected in quality, not only for the accommodation but also for the food and wine in order to give you the opportunity to taste different specialties of the Italian cusine and of coarse excellent wine.